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[SOLVED] Qt and QtCreator for Windows XP compiled with mingw32

  • Can Someone please point me to, if it exists, a "how to install and compile QtCreator with mingw32 for DUMMIES" link or post or how-to.

    I am a "lets click the shortcut or run the exe" windows guy and have not had to compile code before so I am getting really lost trying to follow the multiple versions of how-to install these things. I had a crack at the advice and at the moment it is building and so far has 2 errors and 25 warnings so I suspect it will end badly (it in fact does run if I run the executable from within a Qt command window). Thought that it would make a clickable exe :(

    I can tell you that if you are not used to these things it is amazingly confusing. I understand the concept behind the link and build but the lack of consistency between the various posts, webpages etc has gotten me soooooo confused.

    Cheers in advance

    edit: I did have Qt listed here as well but the Qt mingw32 exe installed it all perfectley and all of the examples ran so that was a no brainer for me

  • Why you want to compile QtCreator? The standard QtSdk for Windows has a Qt library and source, and compiled QtCreator and mingw32.

  • My understanding is that the Qt Creator with the SDK is compiled with MSVS, while the Qt Designer is compiled with mingw. All of my attempts to get qwt working in the designer within creator from the SDK have proven to be no good.

    I have almost gotten the Qt Libs and standalone Qt Creator compiled in mingw so hopefully all will be good. I wish nokia could put out an SDK that is start to finish mingw. Would make it a lot easier for a lot of folk I think. They can just offer up the 2 choices then MSVS or mingw.

    If I do manage to get it all going I will post how I did it to hopefully save others the problem. Due to the large number of postings and confusion of this issue it is, to me, something that the Nokia folk could remedy quite easily.

  • If you want compile Qt Creator and have an errors then write them here - then we try to solve.

  • Okay thanks. I actually got a version going yesterday and then following a link concerning a google search I did on Qt had a nasty virus attack my computer. You would not believe how ineffective our work antivirus software is. So no I am having to reinstall and try. If I get errors I will let you know.


  • Okay so I have managed to install Qt and Qt Creator and compiled it with mingw.
    1)unpacked the recommended version of mingw to the C:\ directory (
    2)installed the latest Qt for windows (mingw) in c:\ directory (
    3)added a directory in the C:\Qt directory called QtCreator
    4)unzipped the latest QtCreator src files into C:\Qt\QtCreator (
    5)started the Qt command prompt
    6)changed directory to C:\Qt\QtCreator
    7)typed qmake -spec win32-g++ -r CONFIG+=release
    8)let it do its thing
    9)typed mingw32-make release
    10)let it do its thing
    11)changed directory to C:\Qt\QtCreator\bin
    12)typed QtCreator.exe
    13)WIN! (sort of but also refer to for a small issue that came up)

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