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Qt OPC UA: Problems with Waterpump Example

  • Dear Community,

    my operating system is:

    • Xubuntu 20.04

    • Qt Creator 4.13.3

    • Qt Version 5.15.2

    Currenty I am trying to implement my own Client/Server Example by using the official Waterpump Example as source.
    My example runs in a stable way, but I still have a problem with the handing over of an enum.
    During the execution (release build) of my project, I get the following error code:

    qt.opcua.plugins.open62541: Could not call method: BadNodeClassInvalid

    I am not shure, how to fix this problem. I checked all NodeIDs on server and client side, but nothing helped.
    Is there anyone, who had the same problem? How can I solve this?

    If you need more code, please let me know.

    Thank you in Advance!

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