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help me!, im try to incorpore my code in python with GUI en qtDesigner, have this code in python with opencv, i need do the same but graphic interface, the objetive is identifique a image in a trained Convolutional network, any help is welcome

  • Code

    from skimage.transform import resize


    filenames = ['test/golf_0113.jpg']

    for filepath in filenames:
    image = plt.imread(filepath,0)
    image_resized = resize(image, (21, 28),anti_aliasing=True,clip=False,preserve_range=True)

    X = np.array(images, dtype=np.uint8) #convierto de lista a numpy
    test_X = X.astype('float32')
    test_X = test_X / 255.

    predicted_classes3 = sport_model.predict(test_X)

    for i, img_tagged in enumerate(predicted_classes3):
    print(filenames[i], deportes[img_tagged.tolist().index(max(img_tagged))])

  • @Limpo015
    Please use short, meaningful titles to your posts, not three lines, and not starting with "help me!".

    If you have a question to ask, I don't see one in the body of what you have typed.

    Your code seems to have nothing to do with Qt Designer, or anything one might do in any interactive designer.

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