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Signals & Slots editor not working?

  • I'm using Qt 4.7 with Qt Creator 2.0.1 on Fedora 13 64-bit and am trying to create a GUI as a front end for some testing that I am doing.

    I've been able to create a main window that I can change depending on the test that I'm performing but I've noticed that throughout the Signals and Slots editor when I'm in the design view doesn't show any of the signals/slots for the component that I'm editing. In other words, I've created a QPushButton and (using the context menu) created a slot for when the button is clicked. The code gets created for the slot and works fine but it never shows up in the Signals & Slots Editor in the design view.

    Now I'm having a problem where I created a QSpinBox and a QRadioButton for a new test (along with their slots) but have since decided that I didn't want those items so I deleted them. Now, when I try to build the program I get errors because in the moc_*.cpp file the slots still exist. I manually deleted them and the code compiles but none of my slots work anymore.

    Shouldn't I be seeing signals and slots in the Signals & Slots Editor for all the entities that I have setup a slot for in the designer? Could it be something in my system that is not setup correctly?

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    I am not sure, but "Rebuild All" may help in your issue. Did you try that already?

  • I was able to get my code to work after realizing that the slots for the Widgets that I removed were being declared in my .h file which would explain why they were getting re-created in the moc*.cpp file.

    I removed them from my .h file and everything appears to be working correctly, now.

    I still don't see anything in the Signals & Slots Editor for any of my Widgets, but I can at least continue working on my tests.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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