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Handling High DPI scaling in a platform independent way

  • I have a dialog that is created in Designer where it looks like this:


    If I run my application with Windows "Scale and Layout" set to 100% is is displayed correctly. However if "Scale and Layout" is set to 150% (for example) it's not wide enough and it displays thus:


    How should I set the width of the control so it displays correctly when the "Scale and Layout" is changed and do so regardless of whether the application is running on Windows/Mac/Linux? I don't in general ever wish to see a horizontal scroll bar ...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Then don't put your widget into a scrollarea - why do you need this?
    Also we don't know what layout settings you used for your group boxes. Looks like they've a fixed size.

  • I want it in a scroll area for Vertical Scrolling only

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Then properly set your size constraints for your widgets as I already told you

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