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  • I'm currently writing an app that uses an instance of QThread to query a db while allowing a dialog on the GUI to display an activity image. However, the problem is that a QVariantList that is accessed and populated by the thread becomes unavailable to the GUI (written in QML btw) after the thread has finished executing. How do I ensure that the QVariantList is still accessible after the thread has finished executing?



  • What do you mean with that? It's a value class. Just don't destroy it but keep it somewhere.

  • If the QVariantList is a member of the thread class, it's clear why tit is away when the thread object is destroyed.
    Make the list a membre of the ui or create it in the thread object and send it via signal/slot or whatever. Don't access the same data object from different threads without synchronising it (which will be difficult in qml!).

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