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Gap while reloading image from webcam

  • I use QWebView to show images (jpg) from a webcam. The images are refreshed every ten seconds by calling the reload of the webview object. This works fine, except that, while loading the next image, the current image is already removed resulting in a gap of 1 or 2 seconds between consecutive images. Is there a way to avoid this ? A way to have smooth transitions from one image to the other ? A way to keep the current image visible while next is loading (in background?) ?

    (note : application runs on an embedded system with i.MX27 processor and 800 × 480 display)

  • From QWebView::load description :
    "Note: The view remains the same until enough data has arrived to display the new url".

    As I have a gap between two consecutive images, does that mean that it is displaying the image that takes time and causes the gap ? As it is removing the previous image, it has, according to the note, reveived enough data to display the new url...

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