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Configure Connection - what does greyed -out - "Edit " button do ?

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  • @AnneRanch

    You can add your own slots or signals there to establish the connection.
    But as said in another post, you need to have the code in your headers and code files.
    It's grayed out, because you don't have a code file for QPlainTextEdit since you don't subclass it in order to add some of your custom signals.
    It should work for your MainWindow since it's already a subclass of QMainWindow by default.
    It will just replace the connect(.....) statement and not write any code for you.

  • @Pl45m4 It is still unclear - "who is on first".
    If I use QtDesigner in simple "push button, clear list" connection , the "code" is buried in XML .... If want to do "see" the code options in "edit" I have to implement both slot and signal in my C code before I can do the connection , using "edit" in QtDesigner. If I do that , I get the "connect code" in XML again.
    It is fine when it all works, but pretty awkward to implement.
    Definitely not intuitive and no fun switching between QtCreator and QtDesigner.
    It sort of confirms my PERSONAL opinion that GUI is not always an user friendly improvement when it is just a fancy layer over CLI.
    PS I do no have any "connect" in MainWindow so I still do not see the "edit " buttons.

    l will work on that , but beginning to share other's opinions that doing "connect" in QtDesigner is not very productive .

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