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with my activex control, IE process not quit after close window/pages

  • I am building an activex dll with Qt. I subclass QAxFactory to create the exported class object and use singleton pattern.

    //MyFactory is subclass of QAxFactory
    //MyClass is the exported class for com container to use
    QObject *MyFactory::createObject(const QString &key)
        return MyClass::getInstance();

    Here is the problem:

    After refresh the IE page several times, then close the IE page/window, the exported class MyClass's deconstruction gets called immediately, but MyFactory's deconstruction not. And in windows task manager, the iexplorer process does not quit. After about 30~50 seconds, the iexplorer process quit and MyFactory's deconstruction gets called.

    I guess this is because my code did not clear some resources correctly, but I could not found what resource.

    Is there a way I can debug this problem? Thanks in advance!

    It looks like event handler did not get released properly in js. Following is the event handler functions in js.

    function MyClassObj::eventHandler()
        console.log("event fired");

    How do I release the handler properly when page get refreshed or closed?

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