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Advice on App development

  • Hi at all,
    long last I starting to understand Qt and now between documentation and examples into the web I can manage enough, at least for what I have needed so far.
    All this for Desktop systems.
    Now I wanted to start to develop small Android apps, but I want understand if is convenient to use Qt for it or if is better to learn another specific language (I think Kotlin).
    I would like to use a single development environment for all, but i see little documentation and informations about this argument in Qt.
    I wouldn't want to go down a dead end alley.
    What do you recommend?


  • @Stefanoxjx said in Advice on App development:


    My advise - if you select tool specific to hardware you are already limiting yourself.
    Also most common languages are very generic and universal , limiting yourself by selecting a language introduced with well meaning but superfluous marketing overtones belong to same - limiting category.

    Of course you realize that language is only part of the equation , the other part begin IDE.

    My measuring stick is the activity on forums , and I will not name ones I stay away from. But I will say this - one "Swiss army IDE knife forum" in particular frowns on "3rd party " add-ons.

    So if you are into Android - check the forum for Kotlin and then decide .

    Best of luck

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I taken infos from other sources too.
    I've decided to try to develop an app with Qt to have a clarly answer for me.


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