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QFileDialog has memory

  • I've got an mf that operates on a QFileDialog member variable.

    If I call it the first time the filename field at the bottom is empty:


    If I then select (say) three files, select Open to open the files and then reinvoke the mf, the filename field now contains the first of the files I selected on the previous invocation:


    How do I prevent that memory effect? I already tried fileDialog.selectFile(QString());

    My code:

    void CStackingDlg::OnAddpictures()
    	QSettings			settings;
    	QString				directory;
    	QString				extension;
    	uint				filterIndex = 0;
    	QString				strTitle;
    	directory = settings.value("Folders/AddPictureFolder").toString();
    	extension = settings.value("Folders/AddPictureExtension").toString();
    	filterIndex = settings.value("Folders/AddPictureIndex", 0U).toUInt();
    	if (extension.isEmpty())
    		extension = "bmp";			// Note that Qt doesn't want/ignores leading . in file extensions
    	fileDialog.setWindowTitle(QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "Open Light Frames...", "IDS_TITLE_OPENLIGHTFRAMES"));
    	const QStringList filters({
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "Picture Files (*.bmp *.jpg *.jpeg *.tif *.tiff *.png *.fit *.fits *.fts *.cr2 *.cr3 *.crw *.nef *.mrw *.orf *.raf *.pef *.x3f *.dcr *.kdc *.srf *.arw *.raw *.dng *.ia *.rw2)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "Windows Bitmaps (*.bmp)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "JPEG or PNG Files (*.jpg *.jpeg *.png)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "TIFF Files (*.tif *.tiff)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "RAW Files (*.cr2 *.cr3 *.crw *.nef *.mrw *.orf *.raf *.pef *.x3f *.dcr *.kdc *.srf *.arw *.raw *.dng *.ia *.rw2)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "FITS Files (*.fits *.fit *.fts)"),
    		QCoreApplication::translate("StackingDlg", "All Files (*)")
    	fileDialog.selectFile(QString());		// No file(s) selected
    	if (!directory.isEmpty())
    	// A value of zero for filterIndex means that the user hasn't previously chosen a name filter.
    	// If the user *has* previously chosen a name filter, then that index is 1 based, not zero based.
    	// This means that the index must be decremented to index into the list of name filters.
    	// Should a name filter not have been chosen the system will initially select the first one.
    	if (filterIndex > 0)
    	ZTRACE_RUNTIME("About to show file open dlg");
    	if (QDialog::Accepted == fileDialog.exec())
    		QStringList files = fileDialog.selectedFiles();
    		for (int i = 0; i < files.size(); i++)
    			fs::path file(;		// as UTF-16
    			m_Pictures.AddFile((LPCTSTR)file.generic_wstring().c_str(), m_Pictures.GetCurrentGroupID(), m_Pictures.GetCurrentJobID());
    			directory = QString::fromStdU16String(file.remove_filename().generic_u16string());
    			extension = QString::fromStdU16String(file.extension().generic_u16string());
    		// What filter has the user actually selected, or has been auto-selected?
    		// Note that the index value we store is 1 based, not zero based, so add one to the selected index.
    		filterIndex = filters.indexOf(fileDialog.selectedNameFilter());
    		settings.setValue("Folders/AddPictureFolder", directory);
    		settings.setValue("Folders/AddPictureExtension", extension);
    		settings.setValue("Folders/AddPictureIndex", filterIndex);

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Perdrix One easy solution would be to create one dialog instance each time you need one, instead of reusing the same instance. Or use static

  • @jsulm
    Correct, but this is a reasonable request from @Perdrix. It does seem there isn't a way to clear what has been typed into the File name: box (e.g. If the OP tries fileDialog.selectFile("") instead of fileDialog.selectFile(QString()), just in case, and that still does not clear, is there really no way to re-use a dialog instance which has previously had a name typed into it? Seems like a strange omission....

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Perdrix @JonB I could not find anything. A change request in Qt bug-tracker would make sense.

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