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How to rotate GraphicsView with absolute value

  • Hello
    Sorry about my (bad) English (german :-)
    i want to plot geographic waypoints in a GraphicsView, this works.
    the view is cyclic re paint every 5 sec.
    i have an electronic compass input value (0-359 degrees).
    i want to rotate the view with the compass, with the absolute value.
    i have only found to rotate +/- relativ, not absolut.
    so when the compass value is fix and i use the "relativ" command below, then the view turn by every replot.
    is there an absolute command/function for this? or how i can do that?


  • @marki
    I do not know whether there is a better way, but if you have to can you not maintain how much you have previously rotated by, and then you know what relative amount to rotate by to achieve an absolute rotation?

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