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How do I move my map markers in realtime?

  • hi everyone,
    I work on qtlocation map and I want update my location in realtime. I already set my updateInterval: 1 (0.001 sec) but MapQuickItem still moves too late.
    is there a way about that how can i move my marker in realtime? any suggestion about it is very useful for me.

    this my qml:

    PositionSource {
        id: ps
        updateInterval: 1
        active: true
        onPositionChanged: {
    Map {
        id: map
        anchors.fill: parent
        plugin: Plugin {
            name: "mapboxgl"
            PluginParameter {
                name: "mapboxgl.access_token"
                value: "my_token"
            PluginParameter {
                name: "mapboxgl.mapping.additional_style_urls"
                value: "Urls"
        MapQuickItem {
            zoomLevel: map.zoomLevel
            sourceItem: Image {
                id: carMarker
                source: "../images/circle.png"
            coordinate: ps.position.coordinate
            anchorPoint.x: carMarker.width / 2
            anchorPoint.y: carMarker.height / 2

    and this the result:

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