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Experimenting with animation (I think)

  • Hi all -

    I've got a little time to kill this week, so naturally I thought I'd devote it to learning a new Qt skill. I'd like to learn how to create a dynamic display. The content doesn't really matter; it could be something as simple as graphing one's heart rate (assume that the data is available).

    1. Is this considered animation, or does animation refer to more complex graphics?
    2. if it is considered animation, which of the various animation classes would be recommended for something like this?


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    1. Really depends on concrete use case. Your example sounds more like plotting. See
    2. This again really depends on concrete use case

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    @mzimmers that also depends a lot on what technology you want to use.

    Since it's a rather simple task/drawing I would do it via paintEvent override in QWidgets or a canvas in Qml

  • Thanks for the replies, guys. what point does a dynamic display become "animation?" Is it an abstraction of a real-life object? Pre-built scenes?

    Let's say that I wanted to monitor the ink levels in a continuously running printer. (I'm stuck for a better example right now.) Would representing the ink level as sort of a vertical bar chart be considered animation?

    As you can tell, I don't really know what I want to do: I'm just trying to learn some of the more interesting, advanced topics of Qt.

    I do know that I'd prefer to remain in C++ instead of QML.


  • @mzimmers said in Experimenting with animation (I think):

    I do know that I'd prefer to remain in C++ instead of QML.

    You can still program the drawing in C++ even for QML objects. If you would like to avoid QML altogether I understand. There are several rending options for qml including opengl I believe.

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