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shadow build issue ?

  • OK, I did RTFM about shadow build and now I have issues.
    This a simple main window only test project. Works as expected with

    projects "shadow build" selected and this default directory



    What is " skipping qmake step " telling me ?
    Is that normal ?

    I have never payed attention to top of the build message , until now.
    BTW in this simple project I have no issue building simple ( clear listWidget) "connect" (go to slot option) in Qt Designer .

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    @AnneRanch said in shadow buidl issue ?:

    What is " skipping qmake step " telling me ?

    I really wonder what's so hard to understand when you read the complete line

    'Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step'

    I mean - the configuration is not changed, so qmake doesn't need to be executed.

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