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New TreeView in Marketplace

  • The lack of a Quick 2.0 TreeView is a longstanding bug in the the QT bug tracker. Some months ago, the bug was marked as closed as it was announced there that a new TreeView would soon be available in the Marketplace. The bug was subsequently reopened. I am not sure whether this was because:

    • A) the TreeView was taking a long time to appear in the Marketplace (the contributors seemed to be as unclear as anyone else what the process was), OR
    • B) the complaints in the bug's comments that a Marketplace add-on did not address the bug; the issue is that a tree control is a basic GUI control that should be a core part of the product and not some optional add-on.

    Anyway, I have just noticed that the new TreeView is finally available in the Marketplace. If anybody tries it out perhaps they could post their impressions here.

    I am not sure when I will be able to try it as it requires an individual purchase and I use Qt via a license that my company manages. It is not clear how Marketplace add-ons would fit into this sort of usage of Qt.

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    thanks for the heads up.

    As I'm personally in the position where I would need one I have to say, an outrageous $29.00 A YEAR.

    I'll live without it.

  • I am starting to think that SAAS is a cancer. Especially for libraries.

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