I need a help with qt

  • im student in faculty of engineering dep of cs my graduation project will be ip phone on arm kit with embedded linux os and i need to build gui >> which branch of qt ill need
    qt quick or other ?
    and how can i start ??

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    Can't you use KDE? Although, coming to think about it, that might be an overkill for an IP phone. Or, maybe Android?

    Qt QUICK is perfect for mobile/ embedded devices - and very easy to learn. You can definitely give it a try.

  • For mobile/embedded devices, Qt Quick and the Components will be the way to go. The desktop widgets never worked out really good on that small devices. A good approach that I learned on one of the DevDays presentations is to do the actual logic in C++, expose the necessary interfaces to QML and do only the user interface and some small parts of the logic in Qt Quick.

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