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How to set QT application on top in Linux OS?

  • I have set my application on startup, it boots fine when when I start my board. But when HDMI disconnect and connect from LCD my QT Application goes to shutdown automatically. For application I have to directly open application through command ./myApplication &
    When I set my application on top manually then it appears again even when HDMI disconnect for a while and connect again. How to set my application always on top? Application should need to set many on-top.

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  • If this is a QWindow then this topic touches on this:
    If it is QML it is different. There are flags in the Window and ApplicationWindow. The flag may be called something else.

    I found this by searching: "qt qwindow always on top" on a search engine

  • the x server should run the Qt app as its "only" client application. that way it always has focus....and furthermore, systemd should restart the server if the app dies.

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