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MSVC 2019 `make install` For Library

  • I'm wanting to know how I can run make install on a library to allow me to create a distributable package.

    So in my pro file for my library, I have:

    includeFiles.path += $$PWD/dist/include
    includeFiles.files += $$PWD/include/*.h
    targetFiles.path += $$PWD/dist
    targetFiles.files += $$TARGET
    INSTALLS += includeFiles targetFiles

    However, if I attempt to run make install from the project root directory, I get an error saying:

    makefile:130: *** missing separator. Stop

    The make command is built for i386-pc-mingw32 so I don't know whether this causes an issue?

    For reference, the excerpt from the makefile looks like this, the very last line being 130:

    	$(CXX) -c $(CXXFLAGS) $(INCPATH) -Fobuild\debug\.obj\ @<<

  • I'm an idiot.... MSVC - of course I can't use make...

    nmake install is all that was needed! Doh!!

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