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qmsyql driver not loaded

  • hello everyone,
    i am new to programming and qt as well
    recently i installed a 5.15.0 version of qt ,i needed to work with a database so i installed xampp
    but i have been having an issue with connecting my qt to mysql in xammp
    it just pops up an error that qmysql driver is not loaded. now i know i am like the a thounsands person coming up with this issue but all the solutions i have come across on the internet have not helped me

  • @TheNIS ![alt text](Screenshot (1325).png image url)
    i used to the online installer in the screenshot above to install qt.
    so after a four days search for a solution on the internet,i came across someone talking about the archtectural build of all the involved softwares, so when i looked at that installer i recognised the x86 label and i thought that maybe i had a problem with the other softwares involved ,like the connector which i was using x64bit,
    so i went ahead to modify my qt to include msvc2019 x32bit which i did successfully,i also decided to download 32bit versions of the connector hoping to solve my issue but when i started a new project to test my database connection ,this screenshot below is what i am getting in qt

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    @TheNIS This is asked very often, please use search function in the forum.
    You have to build Qt MySQL driver as Qt does not provide it because of license issues. See

  • Screenshot (1330).png Screenshot (1329).png Screenshot (1328).png
    okay there is another thing, most of the solutions on the internet talk about dll and lib files in the connecter , but mine look different like those screen shots above, how do i work with that

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    Would you please stop posting useless screenshots and follow the instructions on how to build the mysql driver posted by @jsulm ? Thx.

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    @TheNIS Did you actually read the link I posted? Especially "How to Build the QMYSQL Plugin on Windows".

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