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Install MSVC Qt binaries on Linux

  • Hi,
    I've got docker image where clang-cl builds binaries for Windows. Instead of copying Qt from my local system I tried downloading qt online installer and install it during build phase.
    Problem is that there's no MSVC packages available. I see only Android and gcc binaries.

    FROM debian:bullseye
    RUN curl -sL --retry 10 --retry-delay 10 -o /root/$QT$QT
    RUN chmod +x /root/$QT
    RUN /root/$QT --verbose --script qt_installer.qs WINDOWS=true

    How to download MSVC 2015/2019 64b binaries?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Im not sure if there is command line that allows this.
    I just used a script meant for headless. ( it was a mini server)

    It should allow you to download any Qt even it doesn't match the platform.

  • Thank you, it worked for me

    RUN pip3 install requests semantic_version lxml
    RUN wget -q -O /tmp/qt-downloader && chmod a+x /tmp/qt-downloader
    RUN /tmp/qt-downloader windows desktop 5.15.1 win64_msvc2015_64 -o /opt/Qt

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