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What is Unknow module(s) in QT?

  • I'm not familiar with Qt, so what exactly means this? How can I debug or at least find the source of the error?
    Look at this:

    Unknow module(s) in QT: script

    In other words, for you newbie, there's no clue. :/

  • That means the project you are trying to build is configured to use the Qt Script module, but you haven't installed this module.
    Did you install Qt by apt? Try installing libqt5script5.
    (BTW, Qt Script module is deprecated)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the reply.
    It's funny because it seems already installed.


    Well, I used the installer, but as discussed here, I used a certain parameter to ignore some hash failures on the download:
    I don't know the real impacts of the workaround. :/

    About the project, just FYI, I'm not the dev, took it from GitHub. My main concern is not with Qt, but had to install it just to build the project...

    Also, here's the file which has raised the error:

    The project uses Protocol Buffers, which I had installed, but suspect that can be the source of the problem. Still, looking to the file, I could not identify what is exactly wrong... :(

  • If you use the installer, then you'd better not to install any qt component from apt. :)
    The Qt Script module need to be chosen from the installer manually.
    So you should run the maintenance tool, select add or remove components, and add Qt Script to your installation.

  • I see. I'm trying to check this out, but unfortunately the problem I had first at the installation is back, and now the workaround said on the other post (use --no-force-installations) did not work. :(

  • @Bonnie I just uninstalled and installed from the scratch again, using the installer (not the maintainer) setting the --no-force-installations and now marking the Script module has you said. It worked. Thank you!

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