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contain in QStringList

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    Hej fellas,

    I am struggeling while coding and i thought maybe you can help me! ;)

    I have a QStringList which contains name, email and birthdate. And that like 10-15 times. The list gets this inofrmation from a CSV-adressbook and that all works fine.
    Now i wanna find out if a specific String is contained in the QStringList?

    I check the current Date with QDate and wanna see if the currentdate matches the Birthdate. If it mateches it should get the row:

    void datecheck::gettodayskid(QStringList list) 
        QString item;
        for(int i=0; i<list.length();i++){
            item = list[i];
    I hope someone maybe can help me!

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    I think you are looking for QStringList::contains or rather QStringList::indexOf.

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    Thanks a lot it seems to work! Thanks alot

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