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Small Problems with Signal&Slot

  • Hello everyone,
    I am trying to implement Signal&Slots. The problem I am having is with the first and third component of the "connect": call to non static member function without an object argument;
    if I call it with an argument, then I get the error: no viable conversion from addressEntry to QString.


    void MainWindow::on_Button_clicked()

        addressEntry *name = new addressEntry();
        connect**(addressEntry::setName(name)**, SIGNAL(entry(QString)), **addressReaderWriter::Write(name),** SLOT(Write(QString)));


    void addressEntry::setName(QString name)
        mName = name;
        qDebug() << "setName";
        emit entry(name);
    QString addressEntry::getName()
        return mName;


    void addressReaderWriter::Write(QString name){

    Hope Someone can help.

  • @Chaki
    Why do you create this new thread when you are already asking in ? What is wrong with the help you are receiving there? You won't get a different answer here!

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    @JonB Thx, closed :)

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