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QLabel with resizedText

  • Hi,

    I would like to have a subclass of QLabel, where the text's width will have a 50% of QLabel's width:


    my resizeEvent:

    int textWidth = fontMetrics().horizontalAdvance(text());

    And here is the problem: I know that I have to use create QFont variable, setPixelSize() and set this font in QLabel like this: setFont(font).
    But how can I calculate textWidth to setPixelSize?

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    • But how can I calculate textWidth to setPixelSize?

    Normally you would simply reduce point size until your text fits the area.

    something like this. all credits to @SebastienL

    void scalePainterFontSizeToFit(QPainter &painter, QFont &r_font, float _heightToFitIn)
        float oldFontSize, newFontSize, oldHeight;
        // Init
        // Loop
        for (int i=0 ; i<3 ; i++)
            oldHeight = painter.fontMetrics().boundingRect('D').height();
            newFontSize = (_heightToFitIn / oldHeight) * oldFontSize;
            oldFontSize = newFontSize;
            //qDebug() << "OldFontSize=" << oldFontSize << "HtoFitIn=" << _heightToFitIn << "  fontHeight=" << oldHeight << "  newFontSize=" << newFontSize;
        // End


    Disclaimer. Not tested how well this code works. Its was more for the concept overall.

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