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Ui is not coming correctly as expected in Other machines

  • Qt version: 5.12.9
    Builded using Visual studio 2017

    In my machine windows 10, Ui is coming correctly. But on deployment machine the same executable with my Qt dlls it is not coming as expected.

    The conflict in Ui is with Borders are very bold in other machine and selected index of tree view color is too dark compared to exe which i am running.

    Since i am setting color on focus is not there , the color is not visible in other Pc, but in my machine it is working correctly

    Do i need to make any project setting in VS2017 to make it correct?.
    Please help me with this.

    Image 1: other machine

    Image 2:my Pc

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Use windeployqt to make sure all plugins (in this case the style plugins) are properly deployed.

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