QtOpenCLGL fails in Qt 4.8

  • Building QtOpenCL (latest git) on windows7 64bit with visual studio 2010 against the 4.8RC

    The QtOpenCL and QtOpenCLGL libs build correctly and all the examples build - except the mandlebrot viewer (the only example to use the openGL wrapper)

    in moc_glproxy.cpp:

    @error C2491: 'QGLSignalProxy::staticMetaObjectExtraData' : definition of dllimport static data member not allowed
    error C2491: 'QGLSignalProxy::staticMetaObject' : definition of dllimport static data member not allowed@

    There is a note in glproxy.h that it shouldn't be necessary in future versions, and 4.8 does include changes to openGL.
    Any ideas?

  • have you compiled OpenGL with Qt before?
    I think it's more complex than just adding a parameter when configuring Qt. There should be ActivePerl installed, OpenGL installed, environment variables defined and etc... look for some documentations on compiling OpenGL with Qt.

  • Yes, I'm familiar with openGL - this is specifically a QtOpenCL issue.

    This static signal proxy doesn't seem to be used anywhere else in Qt and in this code it has a note saying it's basically a hack.
    Since 4.8 includes a lot of specific openGL changes to allow multithreaded openGL I thought it might be breaking this code - and since it's a release candidate it might be breaking other more critical code.

    However you can't report a bug in QtopenCL because it's lab code and not in the main repository

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