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Android set wireless connection

  • Hi all, i'm writing an application for Android and Windows devices.
    This app will receives some photos from a device (Raspberry) to a phone (Android) or PC (under Windows).
    The possible connections between the devices is Bluetooth or/and wifi.
    I saw that OPP (Bluetooth) is not supported currently on Android ... Therefore the good way seems to use wifi.
    There are 4 way to connect the device with wifi :

    1. Create a wifi AP on raspberry and connect to it from phone
    2. Create a wifi AP on phone and connect to it from raspberry
    3. Create a bluetooth PAN (share wifi under bluetooth) on raspberry and connect to it from phone
    4. Share internet over Bluetooth on phone and connect to it from raspberry
      I think that the first option is the simplest solution. But i would like to know if i can force a connection to a wifi network without to go (use) Android menu ? Can i activate wifi and connect to a (know) network under my Qt app ?
      For option 2, can i activate AP (wifi or bluetooth) on Android from the Qt App ?

  • Up, nobody have an idea for my problem ?

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    @modjo756 One question: are both devices in same network (connected to same router)? If so you do not have to care about wireless AP at all. You can then write a TCP server for RaspberryPi (QTcpServer can be used for that) and then your app on the phone will connect to RaspberryPi (you need its IP).

  • @jsulm thanks for your answer. But no, the devices are not connected to the same network ... it will be more easier in fact. For information the raspberry is connected to 4G network (with a shield).

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