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Examples of very tight user experience with QGraphicsView on iOS?

  • QGraphicsView, when used properly, performs really very well on iOS while the mouse-based interaction principles are not refined for multi-touch mobile user experience. It works, but not at a professional level.

    Access to low-level event handling in QGV hypothetically allows one to achieve any degree of precision in functionality, for example adapting QGV user interactions to the multi-touch paradigm of modern mobile devices. I have done a reasonable job in my project cleaning up QGV interaction with custom handlers, e.g. pinch-zoom VS selection. But a user still has to think like a programmer to avoid causing chaos using my custom handlers which I had to build in to achieve such functionality, for example when pinch-zooming versus touch|click-selecting or rubber-band selection.

    So, has anyone seen an example project that really tightens up all the user experience nuances for mobile devices, specifically iOS?


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