Need to know the CPU Power and disk space for a QML UI Application

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have developed a GUI application for an embedded device in QT QML and now i want make sure that how much disk space, RAM and CPU Power is required to get QML to work there on a target board.

    What are the pros and cons of developing an UI application over QT as compared to QT QML.

    I have already developed my application in QT QML but if the RAM and FLASH requirement for QT QML will be more than 64 MB and 128 MB respectively than i have to opt for QT. Size of all the QML files(includiing some png images) is not more than 2 MB

    Please help..

    Thanks in advance

  • It's hard to give answers without knowing the specific details of the hardware you have there. Why don't you simply try to run some examples on it?

  • Just want to have a suggestion before going to real implementation. Actually target is not fully configured and based on this requirement only we have to configure it.

    However size of RAM and FLASH cannot be changed.

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