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QSqlRelationalTableModel/QDataWidgetMapper and empty model

  • Hello,

    I have a working model and mapper (Qt4.7) and the values are shown in several widgets (lineedits,combos).
    The connections are made with "addMapping".
    If i set a filter (model->setFilter("...")) to my modell which leads to zero data in the model, my widgets are not cleared.
    They keep their values from the last entry before setting the filter.
    How can i solve this ?

    Thanks in Advance

  • An index problem?

    @QModelIndex index = tableView->currentIndex();
    widgetMapper->setCurrentIndex( index.row() );@

    I think you have to inform the mapper that the index is no more valid, so it can clean the widgets.

  • Hello,

    Now I found out something strange. Some widgets are cleared and some are not !
    My model connects to an Access-mdb. All fields which are text-type are cleared correctly, but all other fields like numbers, date or currency keep their values of before.
    This is the same behaviour if i add a new row.
    How can i handle these datatypes the same way like the textfields ?


  • Hello,

    You can reproduce this problem by modifying the Qt Example "SQL Widget Mapper"
    If you add these lines to the example and connect it with a new button you can see that the widgets stay like they are (not cleared), but the model ist empty because of the filter.

    @void Window::setFilter()

    Please help !

  • Solution ! revert() did the job :

    @void Window::setFilter()

  • Have you got this line?:

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