Harmattan QUrl and QMediaPlayer problem with source

  • Hello!

    Okay, as the title says: In my application I'm trying to use QMediaPlayer to play music in my app, for Harmattan target.
    The sound files are included via deploymentfolders.

    From PC, it is already working: (in Qt Simulator)

    However, it's not working when installed in the device.
    I've been going back and forth with QA because of this, because I don't have a device to test
    and I think Harmattan QEMU and RDA doesnt give me sound output because Angry Birds has no sound.

    Things I've tried:

    • I noticed that the default working directory when I run the app is not in my application directory, so I've set it with
      by adding this code, the device can now read my textfiles ( with QFile )
      however QUrl still don't seem to work.

    -I've tried to write the absolute path of the file with:
    @playlist->addMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::current().path() + QString("/files/sound_1.mp3")));@
    and still won't work.

    Or can you post an example working QUrl local source with QMediaPlaylist when deployed in Harmattan?

    Please help..

    Big thanks!

  • Thank you, I will check on it.

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