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Cannot get QtVirtualKeyboard 5.15.1 to build

  • I am attempting to get the current version of the QtVirtualKeyboatd to build and am having issues right from the start. This appears to be the place to ask questions (based on search results) but if not please point me to where I should be asking.

    First I got this from the GitHub Repository ( I got the latest release.

    I then untared it into a new directory. I ran qmake-qt5 with no extra config options, then I ran make.

    At this point I run into a "cannot find header file" problem. In the very first file, the first include is specified as

    #include <QtVirtualKeyboard/private/platforminputcontext_p.h>

    and the compiler cannot find it.

    Looking at the untarred source, I can find the file platforminputcontext_p.h, but it is in the src/virtualkeyboard directory (same directory as the source file trying to reference it).
    I can also find the directory include/QtVirtualKeyboard, but it has no private directory under it.

    There are a lot of files that are being looked for in this private directory, all of whom do appear to exist in the source directory. What I do not know is how I should fix this (as I expected the source tar to build if I had all the needed external dependencies). So I figured to ask here to see what the recommended fix was. (or be told where to actually ask).

    Dale Pennington

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    When you want to build a Qt module as standalone version you should first check out the correct branch which matches with your local Qt installation - others may work but may fail.
    Then you have to run so the headers are created in the correct directories: -version 5.<X>

  • That got me a bit further. I determined we had QT 5.12.5 on our system, so I got the 5.12.5 version of the QtVirtualKeyboard package.

    I then ran the script (with -version 5.12.5). This did set up the private directories under include/QtVirtualKeyboard/5.12.5/QtVirtualKeyboard. That got me to the point where I had to install the qt5-qtbase-private-devel package for some missing private headers, after which it all built.

    So my next step will be to run the example, and start to understand what I might need to modify for our custom needs.

    My problem appears to be solved, but I have one outstanding question. Where is the use of documented? It was not mentioned in the QtVirtualKeyboard build instructions.

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