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Windows installer Compiler version

  • Hi all,
    How can I tell what my windows installer version of Qt (installed last week) has been compiled with e.g. mingw or vs etc
    I have been trying to find out but cannot tell or find anything on the Qt site. I want to install qwt you see.


    [fixed typo in title, Eddy]

  • what do you mean? do you want to make an installer for your Qt version?

  • Okay,

    I am probably not being clear I guess (and I really am a complete noob when it comes to this so please don't crucify me).

    I have downloaded the QT SDK for Windows and have been wanting to use QWT. Now if I follow the modest QWT install instructions I can see the QWT widgets in the designer (if I start only the designer), but cannot see them in the designer within the QT Creator environment. So my thinking is that the creator in the SDK is a MS version and not mingw32.

    I have searched the web, looked at a huge number of posts telling me how it should be done. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried different packages and have found that it is a little like getting teeth pulled. Is there anywhere where I can just download a version of the SDK that is all mingw32 built?

    And as I say I am a noob and I am really impressed with the Qt SDK (its already let me transfer a lot of a GUI I had written in another language over) but dont want to abandon it because it is so hard to do what I thought should be a simple task. :(

  • Well thats yet another day down the tubes trying to get something as simple as plotting happening (It is now about 4 days in total with jack to show for it). Sure I can see qwt in the standalone designer but in the frikin way. And is it any good to me in the standalone designer...not really since I cant see it in the SDK nor does it recognize it.

    I may have been a bit naive in thinking that getting such things going should be simple but I would have also thought that it was a sign of a well designed installer/application etc

    Ready to rip my hair out and just switch back to my old code and be done with Qt.

  • Okay so I should never post when I have a really bad flu. 1 lesson learned at least.

    Going to go back over all the documentation for installing the Qt libraries and the Qt Creator.
    I can get the Qt libraries (for mingw32) happening no problem (and the examples) and only need to sort the Qt Creator aspect (compile source with mingw32 etc) and after that I will move onto qwt again.

    Thanks to those that replied. I would mark this thread as solved, or close it but I don't know how.

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