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Mosaic Software Qt Developer Suite 1.1 Coming out January 2012!

  • Mosaic Qt Developer Suite 1.1 Coming out January 2012!

    This is what you have been waiting for! With the visits to the Qt shows and your feedback we have made our changes to the 1.0 and came out with 1.1!

    At Mosaic Software we are always keeping up to date on the latest trends and needs for our customers. We are constantly working on creating a better Product by taking the
    feedback that receive and incorporating it into our new releases.

    With that being said you have asked for it and here it is!. Drum-Roll Please!

    The Mosaic Software Qt Developer Suite 1.1

    Question-Does it support QML Plugins?
    Our Developers-We could add QML support pretty easily to our plugins.

    Question-Does is have the ability to plot millions of data points on charts?
    Our Developers-Our graphs do not graph points…they graph math functions. If we need to add the ability to just render points that can be added pretty easily.

    Question-Are the charts able to export to reports as .jpeg/ .pdf/ excel?
    Our Developers-The models can already be exported in csv format… which can be opened in excel. We can have the others added easily.

    Question-does it have a line chart with time on the x axis and data on the y axis?
    Our Developers-The current 2D chart can do it but we can make it more accessible.

    There you have it! You asked and we answered! Please keep asking your questions and we will keep making our product better and keep ... simplifying your development.

    Keep tuned for more info and here is a sneak peak of some new products that the development team here at Mosaic Software is working on now.

    Mosaic Enterprise Integration
    The Mosaic Enterprise Integration tool you can generate client and service stubs based off a service contract or broker destination. This code can then be exposed through Qt’s slots and signals so that any widget in the application can receive/send data to/from the service via the generated code.

    Mosaic Cloud/ BigData
    The Mosaic Cloud/Big Data tool makes it possible for Qt/C++ application to control/interact with MapReduce jobs running on a distributed file system

    Mosaic Qt Developer Suite 1.1 Coming out January 2012! Stay Tuned for More Info!

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