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(Video of) Jumping of QGraphicsObject-derived custom PyQt5 items (default press/release/move used)

  • Here is a video showing what's happening:

    Was wondering if that sparks any ideas for you that you can suggest I try.

    The items will (only sometimes) jump when I go to press-hold-drag them. They jump only when I start the drag, not when pressed. My code is here:

    with the custom items in the /widget folder all derived from a base class called BananaCats that is derived from QGraphicsObject, except Label which had to be done differently. Anyway, this phenomenon is happening both on Label's as well as Arrow's and Nodes.

    I am not setting the position anywhere as far as I know. I can try setting a breakpoint in an implemented setPos() method. I think I tried that though. Can't have this jumping behavior happening for new users. It would make them never want to use the app again! :)

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    Can you narrow down where to look in your code base ?
    Going through a full project to find the culprit is a bit much.

  • I have given up on that project for now. It has many many bugs :(

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