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  • I have a QAbstractVideoSurface which displays a QVideoFrame. This works as expected for QVideoFrame::Format_RGB32 and QVideoFrame::Format_ARGB32. I am copying (memcpy) the data directly to the data section of the QVideoFrame. The data I am trying to display is 16 bit grayscale so I would prefer to use QVideoFrame::Format_Y16. But, the display area is white (no image) with this format chosen and 16 bit data copied to the QVideoFrame. Are there limitations on the use of QAbstractVideoSurface for QVideoFrame::Format_Y16?

    Also, I do not know if the difference between presenting the grayscale values in Format_RGB32 will be visibly different than Format_Y16 on a normal computer display where this application will run. Should I stick to RGB32?

    I am fairly new to Qt.

    Thank you,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I am not sure that this format is currently supported in the shaders implemented for QtQuick. That is something you'll have to check.

  • I do not know where I would look for this information. Any additional details would be appreciated.


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    The QtMultimedia sources is the starting point.

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