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Promoted custum QWidget preview in the UI Editor

  • Hi everybody,
    I have a curiosity:
    Is it possible to see preview of a promoted custom Qwidget?

    I think no, but maybe there is a way that I don’t know.
    Example: seeing in the first image the layout of the second image. WidgetFormTop is promoted to FormTop.

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Thank in advance

  • In general, no.
    A "promoted" widget can only be previewed as the base widget it is promoted from.
    To "see preview of a custom widget", you'll need to write your own qt designer plugin.
    That's quite not convenient and extra work.
    I think you wouldn't want to do it...

  • @Bonnie
    Thanks very much.
    I don't know this way, you are right, it is not convenient… but could be interesting in some occasion.


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