Windows 10: deleting the 'build' directory doesn't work… but works

  • I am developping a application. Sometimes, I want to completely delete the building directory.

    When I do this I get an error from Windows, that either I don't have acess or some file(s) in the directory is/are open.

    I'm still in the early stage (prototyping the GUI), so there is strictly no file that I'm writing into. And this happens when my apllication is not running anymore.

    Well, when I go down into the hierarchy of this directory, at some point I may delete everything, and when I go up again in the hierarchy, I'm able to delete everything, even the topmost directory I wanted to delete first.

    So I'm able to do what I want but it is kind of a hassle.

    Any idea why Windows is behaving this way ?

  • Close project in qtcreator

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