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How to signal when doing IPC using Shared Memory?

  • Shared Memory is the fastest way to share large amount of data, however, I couldn't figure out a (recommended) mechanism to signal other process of available data e.g. Process A and B are using Shared Memory to communicate. Process A writes to Shared Memory, now how is Process B notified of the update (ideally as quick as possible)?

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    You can use another channel for that. QLocalServer/Socket for example. QtMQTT might also be an option.

    Depending on what you want to transfer/process did you benchmark QLocalServer/Socket ?

  • @SGaist It's large binary data (100MB). While QLocalServer is quite fast, still its a bit of an overhead having to pipe all the data through a socket. I guess I'll load data in shared memory and then notify other side over QLocalSocket

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