Question: overlay QWidget on third party X11 graphics

  • I am new to Qt and this forum so with that in mind here goes:

    There is a third party library I am using which does some graphics but requires me to pass into it's CTOR: parentWidget->windId() and parentWidget->x11Info().display(). Also in that parent widget I have to setAttribute() Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen and WA_OpaquePaintEvent.

    This works just fine, however, I wanted to create a set of overlay controls and nothing I have tried seems to work.

    • I can create a new window without a border or background and display controls with that but that requires a compositing window manager and means I have to keep another window on top of it.
    • Embedding this 3rd party widget into a QGraphicsView. The 3rd party graphics don't show up then.
    • QX11EmbedWidget, this seems to be a possibility but I can't find many other uses of it
    • QX11EmbedContainer, tried this, it crashed, and I didn't even know for sure if it would really do what I wanted in the end.
    • Somehow use OpenGL, made a small attempt starting with the overpainting example but did not make much progress.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, guidance, ideas? Thanks

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