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How to compress data files separately inside a package with Qt IFW?

  • I'm using Qt Installer Framework to make an online repo and an installer.

    In my project I have 3 different components/packages and each component has multiple files. See the sample folder stucture.

    sample folder structure.

    When I make the repo, Using repogen.exe -p <package_directory> <repository_directory>, all the files inside each component are compressed together and created a large file. If there are folders they compressed separately. For example, all 3 files in component B compressed into a single file.

    repo stucture

    I have problem of uploading a big file to the server and end users complain time to time their installation fails or it takes a long time.

    Is there anyway to force repogen to compress each file separately?

    I mean without compressing to a single large file name 'content'.

    Thanks in advance.

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