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“Bold” style is not available for “Sans Serif” font on QT5

  • We just moved our application from QT4 to QT5. We found the "Bold" style is not avialble for "Sans Serif" font on QT5. I can tell from the QFontDialog which looks below:
    I also use the following code to dump all available styles under "Sans Serif"

    QFontDatabase db;
    auto list = db.styles("Sans Serif");
    for(auto& l : list)
        std::cout << l << " ";

    I got the same list which is Normal, Italic and Oblique. However I can see the Bold and Bold Italic options on QT4. My question is how the mapping from font to font style is implemented. Am I able to configure something to make the "Bold" avalialble for "Sans Serif" font in QT5.

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