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How get delegates to move along when sorting a QTableView

  • I have a setup where the delegate widget type, i.e. the one returned by createEditor in the delegate class, for column x in a QTableView depends on which row it is. I've implemented sorting in my model according to the pattering in and also glanced on the QTableWidget source. It works fine for the values but the delegates doesn't move along, they're left in their old position. Hence I think that my calls to update persistent index,

    for (int i = 0; i < rowCount(); i++)
             for (int c = 0; c < columnCount(); c++)
                changePersistentIndex(createIndex(sortResult[i], c), createIndex(i, c));

    is correct. Anyone who knows what's required for the delegates to update their position? QStyledItemDelegate::updateEditorGeometry is called but option.rect is the same regardless of sorting. Not using QSortFilterProxyModel since the underying data should change at sorting.

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    Use a QSortFilterProxyModel instead.

  • Solved. For some reason one had to put the index updates in lists and use changePersistentIndexList().

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