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larger emoji symbols

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to do a Chat. In this Chat emoji utf characters shall be printed larger than the other characters. I'm using Qt Quick Controls for the UI. How to do so?
    My first idea was to make the chat field RichTextFormat, and surround every emoji with a tag that enlarges it. Worked great, but now I'd like to switch to the MarkdownFormat. With this Format I can't enlargen single characters. Or am I wrong?
    Another idea of mine was to somehow tell Qt that it shall enlargen some characters (or a subset?) of a font. Is that a possibility? I couldn't find any resources, may you point me into the right direction?
    My last idea is, that I still use markdown but use some library to parse it to RichText and enlargen it like before.

    This is how the google noto regular font with the noto coloremoji font looks like. I'd simple would love to see the emojis 50% bigger.


    Thx for your time, have fun

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