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Raspbian Bluetooth LE unstable work

  • Hello. I started to study Bluetooth LE (only QT, without QML). The first task is to establish a connection between the two boards (Raspberry Pi 3). I managed to create a service, assign values ​​to characteristics and read them on another board. But I see that the system is unstable. Lots of errors that do not occur in my program (Qt module or Bluez?). For example, "qt.bluetooth.bluez: sending error response; request: 8 handle: 1 code: 10" is printed when the host connects. Sometimes the program crashes with the message "Bus error Abort" (usually as a result of actions on the part of the central device). I also decided to try setting the 32-bit feature identifier and the program began to crash when the central device was connected. These messages are not part of my code.
    The Qt version is installed from the Raspberry repository (5.12 in my opinion). Will building the latest version (5.15) help? Or am I doing something wrong? Qt.bluetooth.bluez errors appear even during stable program operation. Thanks.

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