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QComboBox - how to change text size ( pixels )

  • Hi,

    I will start with picture:


    I have QComboBox with QStandardItemModel and QStandardItems. That items have different long texts. For example here, one of my item has text:

    item->setText("very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long text");

    I would like to display the shorter text. For example:


    That green arrow is only to show, where I would like to have free, white space ( right side from arrow ).

    But when the user click on item I would like get full text. How can I do that?

    In initStyleOption() in delegate to item I write:

    QFont myFont(QFont(option->font));
    QFontMetrics fm(myFont);
    QString elidedText= fm.elidedText(,Qt::ElideMiddle, 120);

    But now I have other question:


    This is one of my item in QComboBox. Width of this is 200, but the width, where I can display text is smaller, because the checkbox has a few pixels for self ( look at next picture and red line - this is that place, where I can't have text ).
    So I would like to get width the item in comboBox where I can have text ( so width of comboBox minus width of red line ).


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