Warning LNK 4217

  • Hi,
    I'm building with VS 2010 an application that uses Qt 4..6.3, and i get a warning :

    warning LNK4217: locally defined symbol ?qt_call_post_routines@@YAXXZ (void __cdecl qt_call_post_routines(void))
    imported in function "public: virtual __thiscall QApplication::~QApplication(void)" (??1QApplication@@UAE@XZ)C:\localSVN\branch_for_MSVS2010\OEM_Tools\Modules\xFramework\Test\QtGuid.lib(qapplication.obj)

    What exectly is this warning means and how can i get rid of it ?


  • It's a linking error. Have you linked the Qt modules?

  • Did you build the Qt libs manually?
    There are no prebuilt binaries for VS 2010 for Qt 4.6.3 and you must not mix binaries from different VS versions.

  • No i'm compiling a pre-build version of qQ 4.6.3 with the option v90 in the platform toolset, so it can compile something that was built in VS2008.

  • Sorry, I don't understand what you're doing. Do you compile Qt or your application?

    If you compile Qt, do not use the sources bundled in a prebuilt package for another compiler suite or version, but get the vanilla sources (qt-everywhere-xxx-src).

    While it may work to use VS2008 object code in VS2010 with some trickery, it is generally not recommended and you are likely to get no support for that here - despite being told to build Qt in VS2010 manually.

    Are you bound to Qt 4.6.3? It's quite old, and to my knowledge VS2010 was not supported with that version. I would recommend to use the most recent version 4.7.4, which can be built with VS2010 or 4.8 RC which has prebuilt binaries for VS2010.

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