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Is audio panning possible in QMediaPlayer?

  • Is there any way to set audio panning in a QMediaPlayer object?

    I have two QMediaPlayer windows running simultaneously in a window, for side-by-side comparisons, and it would be handy if the audio from one QMediaPlayer was coming only out of the left channel of the user's stereo audio output, and the other QMediaPlayer feeding audio only to the right channel. That way, a user with headphones or well positioned speakers could hear the difference via stereo separation.

    I want to avoid re-encoding the video with amended audio if at all possible.

    In the docs I can see references to setVolume which I'm already using, but nothing for panning. So I assume it simply isn't supported, but just thought I'd ask in case I am overlooking it.

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    AFAIK, no, Qt Multimedia is not suited for advanced audio channel mapping like that.

    You might want to check VLC, they likely allow that kind of thing and have Qt integration as well.

  • Thanks for confirming. I've parked the idea for now and will wait to see if any users complain about not having it as an option.

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