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remote operation of qt gui based application on two different systems

  • i have qt gui mainwindow application with textbox and push button on one windows system(qt 5) and same should be displayed on other system when the application is started on other pc.any modification or action is performed on any one gui should be reflected on other system also which is running the same gui.the condition is that all the source code should be written only on one pc, other side it should be the copy of it.
    i tried this using QRemoteObjectHost at source side by creating gui with textbox and push button and QRemoteObject node at replica side.but when am starting gui application at source side how to make the replica side the same copy of gui,.
    am creating the new instance of the gui application at replica side, but i understand creating new instance is not correct ,because any changes / actions done on gui will be independent which is not correct. may i request ur valuable suggestions to solve this issue.this is something like remote operation but how to resolve this.
    thanking waiting for ur reply

  • It is a very strange scenario.
    I think you have got 2 ways:
    The first: connect to the remote machine using ssh, to write, compile and exec.
    The second: by writing a software that copy the source code immediately and continuosly to the remote host and build and exec the appication.

  • shared VNC connection. app runs in one location but desktop is mirrored to another PC and both can interact with the program. Only requires one instance running...trying to run two mirrored instances is an extremely complex operation requiring a lot of custom programming.

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